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What makes the rest of the world intriguing is that the producers operating outside any clearly defined view of what whisky is. The definition of what whisky and single malt whisky are in Europe, for example, is prescribed under European law. In the United States, whisky categories are defined in U.S. law. But what has this got to do with someone outside of these territories? Under European law, malt spirit must be matured for three years before it can be called whisky. Three years in, a new oak cask would result in a spoiled, wood-dominated drink. But what if you live in a hot, humid country where maturation is faster, and the rules do not stop you from using new oak for, say, 18 months? There are ground for experimentation here, new flavours to explore, and exciting new 'whiskies' to create.

Taiwan, already a major consumer of whisky, now has a distillery, which suggests that it could easily follow Japan onto the world stage. India has a world-class whisky producer in Amrut, and its 2009 releases were among the world's very best.

Australia and New Zealand are natural candidates for whisky production with big expatriate communities from Ireland and Scotland.



New Zealand

South Africa


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